50 kva Generator Price in India

50 kva Generator Price in India

The generators of 50 kVA are accessible in little sizes that can be effectively moved starting with one spot then onto the next spot. The ground-breaking motor of 50 kVA generator is equipped for delivering high force yield. The generator accompanies distinctive brand names, for example, Koel, Honda, Greaves, etc. This size of the generator can be utilized for private ventures and home machines. 

The 50 kva generator price in India gives perfect and dependable vitality. A simple activity, coordinated wellbeing capacities, and a splendid form fine make these generators the perfect running partner for creation experts, paying little mind to the movement website page or crucial hand. 

50 kVA generator list: 

Diesel generator Price33,000 approx
Fuel typediesel
Output TypeAC single phase
Power50 kVA
Cooling systemWater Cooling
Rated voltage240 V
InsulationClass B
House power12 HP
Alternator Frequency50 Hz
Alternator speed1500 RPM
  1. Honda Genset specification
Honda generator Price1.15 Lakh/ set approx
Fuel typediesel
Output TypeAC single-phase, three-phase
Power50 kVA
Cooling systemAir Cooling
Rated voltage240 V
Noise level120 db
Alternator Frequency50 Hz
Bore x Stroke92*75mm

Eicher 7.5kVA generator price and specification

Eicher Genset Price Approx. 1.45 lakh
Fuel typeDiesel
Output TypeAC three-phase
Cooling systemWater Cooling
Voltage380-440 V
  1. Specification of Greaves Genset

Greaves Genset PriceApprox 1.9 Lakh
Genset ratingPrime Power
Power50 kVA
Bore and Stroke92* 92mm
Compression ratio181
Rated RPM3000
Genset Output7.5 / 6 (kVA/kW)
Engine typeWater-cooled
No. of Cylinders1

Highlights and advantages of 50 kVA generator: 

The 50 kVA generator falls under the class of little generators. In any case, it accompanies numerous fortes: 

  • Far off observing element to work the generator. 
  • The Lowest support cost 
  • To give spotless, dependable and effective vitality 
  • 50 kVA generators are in the three-stage and Single-stage. 
  • Tough and vigorous plan of the Genset 
  • 50 kVA gensets give unreasonable execution. 
  • The motor of 7.5kVA DG Sets are more eco-friendly 
  • The Genset has minimized plans. 

The significant highlight remembers before employing a Genset on lease : 

Leasing the generator that you need implies moment access to the power that can keep your site. You’ll get the specific item you need since you’ll have a group of experts that will assist you with making that appraisal and match one among many top-level alternatives in your necessities. There’s no new financing legwork, inclusion, or guarantees to purchase. The best piece of all? At the point when your work is done, you get the opportunity to restore the generator, and you’re not, at this point out an enormous charge to fix a transient issue. 

  • Before taking a generator on lease normally get sure the generator has been excellent analyzed with a heap bank for the right strategies preceding shipment. 
  • The 50 kVA generators must be washed, smooth and outwardly tried. Rental customers tend to require religion in a generator machine that seems unheard of. 
  • The generator is to be pleasantly kept up and all liquids and channels must be in the correct position. The nonstop everyday administration is commonly the duty of the customers anyway the rental association ought to guarantee that the commitment is built up upon and comprehended. 
  • Check the carbon monoxide creation level of the generator. Continuously perform generators outside and a long way from structures, homes. 
  • To enlist a generator You should pick a solid vendor for having the best arrangement. 
  • Ensure the provider gives all the best possible additional items to utilize the generator securely. 


Generators are utilized as the reinforcement power sources that can change over fuel flexibly. Various kinds of fuel Such as diesel, petro, gas, and so on can be utilized to create power. With less fuel utilization they give continuous force gracefully at a moderate cost. In India, there are various brands accessible that give 50 kVA generators at various costs, where you can pick the generator as indicated by your decision and need. To find out about the cost of generators you can visit the EO Energy site.

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